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    "Audemus jura nostra defendere"    We dare defend our rights    
    "To remain free you must educate yourself, stay informed and remain vigilant"    
We the People - Alabama
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We the People - Alabama
- Work in progress -
  "Educate and inform the whole mass
of the people... They are the only sure
reliance for the preservation of our liberty"
Thomas Jefferson
    "It does not take a majority to prevail,
but rather an irate, tireless minority
keen to set brush fires in people's minds"
Samuel Adams


All most people really want is to be left alone; left alone to live their lives in peace, raise their families as they see fit,
worship or not as they choose, make for themselves as comfortable a life as they are willing to work for,
keep the fruits of their labor or give it away as they choose and retire to enjoy their grandchildren.

This basic human desire is no different now than it was over two hundred years ago when the founders of this nation
threw off the tyranny of an intolerable government and created for themselves and their posterity a constitutional republic
strictly limiting the power of government to interfere with the freedom to make one's own choices.

 The framers of the Constitution designed a representative form of self government where those who wrote the laws
and controlled the purse strings were citizens themselves and elected to be answerable directly and only to the People;
primary responsibility was and still is to protect and defend the People’s liberty and in doing so, secure their own.
Over 200 years and several generations later, We the People have a country only vaguely similar to the one created by our forefathers. A country whose government is no longer answerable to or serves the People but serves its own interests
or those of the many other special interests that now control its functions and agenda.

 We the People can no longer trust many of the people and institutions upon which we have previously relied
to defend our freedoms.

If the People are to reclaim their freedoms and restore their constitutional republic for themselves and future generations,
it will require that a sufficient number of them step up and actively engage the enemies of freedom or, at the very least,
support those who will.


We the People - Alabama

will work with and support those elected servants

of the People who honor their Oath of Office to “support

and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic” and will hold accountable

to their constituents those who do not.


With the help of our supporting members, We the People – Alabama

will hold Alabama’s elected employees accountable to their constituents

by rating their job performance on an ongoing basis between elections,

so the people can better decide at election time to retain them for

another term or fire them.


We the People - Alabama

will provide educational resources on our constitutional republic

 and heritage to counter the failed public education system that

is designed for that purpose.


Most of our institutions of education no longer even teach the principles

upon which this nation was founded for the intended purpose

of dumbing down future citizens that they may be more easily

manipulated and controlled.

The tenets of individual liberty cannot be defended

if the people don’t even know them.


We the People - Alabama

will proudly participate in the evolving Internet News Network

to provide news and commentary that the agenda driven

lamestream media misrepresents or fails to report.

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